Web Streaming & Commercial Film Production

Live and On-Demand Webcast Streaming & Video Production Specialists

Flying Squad Services is an experience provider of live and on demand high definition webcasting, video conferencing & live streaming services throughout Australia.

We provide trained operators who combine vision switching, audio mixing and live streaming skills using the best and latest HD technologies.

Since 2003 we have been providing system design, equipment and webcasting services operators to some of the most demanding organisations in Australia, such as the Supreme Court of Victoria, four Royal Commissions and the ADF/Navy.
As part of the Medical Update conference recording technical team, we have filmed medical conferences around Australia and New Zealand.
We have been producing commercial, training and corporate videos up to a very high standard since 1995
Providing a live streaming, ‘anywhere-to-anywhere’ IP-based video conference and video-on-demand services to the courts is our main business and maintaining the highest quality simultaneous HD + SD webcasts at the lowest per-event cost is our aim.

 Our Clients

Our clients include Federal and State Government departments and agencies, including the Victorian Department of Justice, the Australian Defence Organisation and the Federal Attorney General’s department.

High user-take-up requires providing simultaneous multi-platform multi-browser viewing of live and on-demand events, eCourt trials and training sessions. We work diligently to establish just the right mix of simultaneous live streams for your target audience.

dop_cameraExperienced Commercial Film Makers

With a background in film, television & multimedia production, Flying Squad trained operators combine vision switching, audio mixing and camera operation with a live internet webcasting services skill set.

This includes multi-camera lectern-style PowerPoint presentations that are streamed live, then quickly converted to on-demand podcasts that can be viewed on standard government-issue or corporate PC browsers, iPads, Android phones etc.

We provide secure external hosting, where there is no interaction with or impact on the organisation’s network.

The Flying Squad Services team can supply and setup a complete High Definition system to suit your needs, including all web, streaming media and content management hosting services. Including the backing of one of the world’s most respected redundant server farms, meaning for important live events there will never be a time when heavy user viewing will impact on the stability of each user’s HD viewing experience.

 Streaming to Limited Audiences with Password Accessarmy_laptop

Want an important event privately streamed to a select group of viewers anywhere in the world? Talk to us, its what we do.

This can include secure, pre-scheduled and monitored live organisation-wide or public web streaming broadcasts. Different levels of unique viewer access and tracking are available.

Live Podcasts for the Legal Community

Our live web streaming events can be run from anywhere. We can provide a stable high bandwidth wireless uplink if no wired internet connection is available.

Redundant streaming technology has changed what is possible from live web-streamed video. Organisations requiring instant deployment of presentations by senior professionals are finding Rich Media builds seamlessly on the standard presentation methods used in every seminar and conference in Australia.

The use of documents projected from a netowork PC or presenter’s laptop, is standard in eCourt scenarios and lecture delivery. In most situations, video segment playback is also always present or optionally available.

In a switched or split-screen live podcast, multi-camera video along with audio, PowerPoint, HTML sites, white boards and other visual elements are seamlessly linked for cross-browser live streaming delivery.

 Evidence Documentation Videos & Analogue Audio Archiving Service

Flying Squad Services have a long history making long and short format videos for training and documentary/documentation uses. These are in use on many online platforms for Government seminar and training applications.

Rapid production of evidence documentation videos including on-site videography and 24-hour edit and supply for laptop/PC in-court playback.

Experienced specialist in high quality bulk audio cassette digital archiving, including surgery as required. Quick-turnaround forensic audio speech enhancement and state-of-the-art noise reduction available at a per-hour rate.

 Web-Design & Graphic Arts Department

We can work with your existing logos, banners and style sheets, quickly making up an offline test page for viewing and approval.

Designing and implementing just the right configuration is what we have been doing for over 10 years. As well as providing a full suite of on-site operator services, Flying Squad is an authorised distributor of a range of state-of-the-art webcasting products.

Because we are making use of the newest W3C standards, HTML5 structure and content-specific tags, we can offer top accessibility. For some set-ups, private password and HTML protected URLs are a main concern. The systems we provide and support are well suited to integration within secure environments.

Live and on-demand streaming is multi-codec cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. Flash/H264/MP4 and WMV are live multi-streamed in both HD and SD, to help engagement by the widest range of viewers be easy and intuitive. 

Live Streaming System Equipment Consultant, Supplier and Programmer

We can advise what equipment and integration will be the most appropriate for your organisation or department’s needs and budget, including a complete package system including cameras, webcasting equipment, HD-grade internet connection and integration.

Unique design, lateral thinking, innovation and invention. Rapid and low cost problem solving is central to our core objective and strategy.

Hard-wiring multiple cameras, webcasting server and associated equipment into an often used lecture room or court, can dramatically reduce the cost-per-event in an ongoing user-pays scenario. Our team can set up and manage an optimum system for your department, providing technical operators, maintenance and upgrades under contract as required.

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